Ocean’s 8 Review and More

You many have noticed I talk about movies a bit here. I enjoy writing quick and dirty movie reviews so I thought I’d find somewhere more appropriate to store and publish them. So….I’ve started a movie review blog just for fun!

Want to find out what I think of Ocean’s 8 and other movies? Head on over to A Late Night In where myself and the incomparable Lexxie Couper are going to natter on about movies and TV shows occasionally, usually the weird stuff on Netflix you’re not sure you want to watch. Because we are both mothers with kids and jobs and all of that, we can’t review every blockbuster, so we’ll be taking on the kind of thing you might watch on a Friday night with a glass of wine and some chocolate.

Occasionally though, we do get to an actual cinema and this weekend I went to see Ocean’s. My review is over on the new site. What’s this gender flipping thing all about anyway? Fun, fun, fun, that’s what!

Hope you stop in to A Late Night In every now and again. And in the near future I’ll have more to talk about here too (I’ve been writing but sshhh, don’t jinx it by talking about it just yet). This blog will be dedicated to me and my writing, and other topics I have thoughts (read: ranting opinions) on.

(Although I rant over at the movie site occasionally too, when the movie is a 1 star nightmare)



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