An Author With an Image Problem

Sounds like an autobiographical post, perhaps but let me assure you it is not. I have a NEW RELEASE to talk about.

Manhandling is one of those books that has been kicking around my hard drive for a while, around my head for even longer. I read a book entitled The Manual several years ago. It was written by a man who was a self-confessed ‘player’, and it gave women a lot of advice about how best to get and keep the attention of the charismatic but elusive ‘bad boy’. I won’t link to the book because I can’t remember the guy’s name. Also I thought it was obnoxious and annoying, and I assumed by association the author was. But it made me wonder–was he as arrogant as the book made him seem, or was it the marketing efforts to court controversy that made it appear that way? Hmm. I’ll never know because I never met him.

But what if I had?

That was how the idea for Manhandling was born (I’ll admit there’s a nod or two to the movie The Ugly Truth in here as well. Gerard Butler is quite an inspiration :)). Jake McCallum is a man with a bad boy reputation courtesy of a dating advice book he’s written that does admittedly contain some rather sexist views that ANNOY THE SHIT out of my career focussed heroine, Libby Allison. But Jake is more evolved than he seems and Libby has a stronger yearning for true love than she lets on. This is a book about the battle of wills that ensues when two headstrong people who don’t see eye to eye slam into each other and are forced to deal with their undeniable chemistry. If you’re in the mood for a snarky rom com with a sexy misunderstood hero and battle of the sexes debates aplenty, this is the book for you!

He’s an author with an image problem. She’s an image consultant with an author problem. Letmanhandling-cover the battle of wills begin…

Jake McCallum was a corporate go-getter once upon a time, before his father’s health issues forced him to reassess his addiction to life in the fast lane. When his fiancé subsequently dumped him, he decided a quiet, uncomplicated life working as a mechanic in his dad’s garage was the way to go. Now his return to the dating world has motivated him to write a book about his disastrous love life, and it looks like he’s on the path to success once more. The trouble is, he’s not sure he wants to get back on the fast track.

Image consultant Libby Allison has been hired to whip Jake into shape in preparation for his coming book tour, and the second she gets a load of Jake’s stained T-shirts and shaggy hair, she knows an image overhaul is well overdue. She’s hoping to find more high-profile clients, and a makeover like the one she has planned for Jake could generate just the word of mouth she needs. If only Jake wasn’t so averse to every little change she tries to make. And if only she wasn’t wildly attracted to him, despite his aggravating views on women and relationships.

Find our if their chemistry beat out their common sense?

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I hope you check it out!


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