Crushing it for the Last Time

Unbreakable Hope, the final installment of the Wild Crush series, is OUT NOW. This five book series has been a long time in the making, and I’m both thrilled and saddened that it is coming to an end.



When you’re caught in the impact zone, the only choice is surrender.

Wild Crush, Book 5

After a monster wave almost kills him, Dylan realizes it was a mistake to put his pro-surfing career ahead of the girl he left behind. Now that he’s finally able to give Hope everything she ever wanted, he’s stunned to discover she’s moved on—with his best friend.

For years Matt has loved Hope but kept his feelings to himself until Dylan went off chasing the pipeline. Matt welcomed the chance to stake his claim. Now that Dylan is back with his heart in his hand, Matt is reluctant to step aside.

When Dylan abandoned their five-year relationship, Hope tried to keep her impulsive, friends-with-benefits fling with Matt casual, but her heart was having none of it. Seeing Dylan alive and whole sends her complicated feelings for both men tumbling into one big, gnarly tangle.

Each man—one steady, one wild—fulfills a different, soul-deep need. They could make it work…if she can convince them to all ride the wave of desire together.

Warning: Features hot MF and MFM sex, bondage, and rough talk with two devastatingly gorgeous Aussie men. Could inspire a need to hang ten. Or eleven, if you catch the drift.

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Unbreakable Hope – Excerpt

“Beers all round?”

Hope turned from the view to see Dylan walking to the minibar, shucking the dark jacket he’d worn to the press conference as he went and tossing it carelessly over a chair. His movements were lithe and easy, save for the limp that was only slightly visible now. It reminded Hope, as usual, that he’d almost died, that she’d almost lost him, and that life was very, very short.

He returned with the beers and they each took one. They touched the open necks of the bottles together briefly. Dylan then took a mouthful of his, watching Hope the whole time. Hope took a sip to wet her parched throat and glanced at Matt.

Matt gulped half of his down in two seconds flat.

“You right there, mate?” Dylan asked, one dark eyebrow lifted.

“I’m not sure.” He sounded out of breath. “Either this is the strangest kiss-off I’ve ever heard of, or I misinterpreted why we all came up here.”

“Kiss-off?” Hope asked. “You think I want to break up with you?”

“You came here for Dylan, Hope, and I…I understand. On some level I guess I always knew it would end up with you and him again.”

“I told you, I knew you’d be here. Actually, I counted on it.” Setting down her beer, Hope reached out and touched his biceps. His suit jacket was straining over the muscle. He had to get his suits professionally tailored, because he was so fucking big and strong—

“Explain that to me,” Matt said, his voice suddenly thicker.

Focus, Irving. Focus.

“I don’t want to break up with you, Matty. I love you. You’re kind and smart and sweet, but you’re sexy as hell with it and incredibly, frustratingly tenacious at times. I want you in my life, in every way. But…”

She let her gaze wander over to Dylan, who was standing to her left, watching her with Matt. In his expression she saw the knowledge and the desire. They confirmed what she’d thought in the hall. He’d worked out what she was up to, and he was with her.

Dylan was with her. Some of the tension in her stomach unknotted. If Dylan was amenable, this could really work. As long as Matt could get past his fairly traditional mindset and open himself up to a brand-new idea.

She smiled at Dylan and he returned the gesture. They’d always had a way of reading each other’s minds that had annoyed her on occasion. Today it came in handy. He took another swig of his beer, then set the bottle down on the table next to Hope’s. He slipped both hands in his trouser pockets and waited for her to say her piece with raised eyebrows.

Cocky shit, Hope thought, without rancor. He knew what she was going to say, but she had to say it anyway. It was true, after all. “I love Dylan too. I felt like I was struck by lightning the day I met him, and the electricity never really left my body. He knows me like nobody else and accepts me the way I am. He drives me crazy most of the time, but I love him. So you see, I can’t choose. You’ve both been asking me to make a choice, but I can’t.”

“So…what are you saying?” Matt asked.

Hope swung her gaze back to Matt.

“Even if I could pick one of you, I won’t risk your relationship for that. You’ve been friends too long, and I’m not quite worth that kind of emotional bloodshed. Almost, but not quite.” Hope’s smile turned wry. Matt put his hand over hers where it still rested on his biceps, a reassuring touch that made her heart melt. God he was good, the best man she’d ever known. Was it asking too much that she wanted him to be just a little bit bad as well?

She was about to find out.

“So the options are, I leave now and give up both of you, end this thing once and for all. Or…”

The air in the room seemed thick with tension, and promise, as Matt prompted, his voice hoarse, “Or…”

Hope’s heart pounded out of control. “Or none of us leaves this room for the next twelve hours until we come up with an alternative solution.”


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