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Sami Lee   January 19, 2017   No Comments on No Resolutions

I don’t do new year’s resolutions because let’s face it, they’re lame. We make promises to ourselves that we’ll eat less, exercise more, quit drinking, smoking…whatever. But a date on a calendar isn’t going to help us do these things. Something has to happen in our lives to start us off, to drive us from the inside. So yeah, I know I need to lose some weight (what else is new?), find my bliss, meditate, do yoga and generally be a better fucking person (less swearing too, probably, but fuck it). I’ll get around to it when I can. STOP JUDGING ME CALENDAR.

One thing I do want to do this year is make a concerted effort to read a wider variety of books. For many years I’ve been ensconced in the world of romance novels. I ventured out only occasionally to read my other favorite genre, thriller/mystery, and pretty much slunk back into my comforting romance land when the gore of crime became too much. I occasionally read or reread a classic but that was about it.

So this year I’m going to broaden my scope. I’ve set myself the challenge on Goodreads to read 50 books in 2017. That’s over 3 a month and with my schedule I might not make it but I’m going to push towards it with books I ordinarily wouldn’t read or that I’ve always wanted to read and have never gotten around to picking up. I started off the year with a memoir (Jimmy Barnes’s Working Class Boy, and oh boy did I start the year off with a doozy–raw, messy, emotional and powerful. A bit like the man himself. You can read my review of it if you want), then a thriller (huge MEH) and now something by Catherine Deveney, an author I’ve been intrigued by but never read. I’m beginning by trying a few different genres, with the ultimate aim of tackling my ‘bucket list’ of books.

The beginnings of my bucket list lookswoman reading thus:

The Bell Jar  – Sylvia Plath

The Blind Assassin  –  Margaret Atwood

Something by Stephen King besides On Writing but I can’t do possessed clowns or anything truly terrifying so I’m looking for direction here

The Complete Poems of Dorothy Parker

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy [I know the jokes, never read the book]

Liane Moriarty  –  who I’ll tackle when I think my sensitive, damaged author’s heart can handle the writer’s envy I feel sure I’ll experience when I read someone contemporary who is so vastly better than I at what she does.

Carrie Fisher. Carrie Fisher. Carrie Fisher. Why did I wait until she died before I got around to buying Postcards from the Edge? (Wishful Drinking was sold out)

So that’s my kinda sorta bucket list. There are more I’m not thinking of, but I didn’t make a resolution to be more organised and coherent, so I guess we’re outta luck.

What are you reading this year? Any books on your bucket list?


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