Do You Want Sex Every Day for a Month?

I’m excited to announce the release of Do That To Me One More Time, a compilation of raunchy scenes from 31 different books. There are 7 authors in the anthology overall, so you get a broad cross section of styles and subgenres, including contemporary, paranormal, historical and sci-fi. And best of all this anthology is FREE.

Thirty-one author selected sex scenes … that’s one for every day of the month, for NOTHING.dothattomeonemoretime300x450

Are you looking for a little afternoon delight?

Maybe something to spice up your evening or jump start to your day…

Do That to Me One More Time contains paranormal, contemporary, GLBT, historical, sci-fi, and chick lit sex scenes from USA Today bestselling author Dakota Cassidy, Award winning author Lexxie Couper, NYT and USA Today bestseller Melanie James, Michelle Hoppe, USA Today bestselling author Renee George, and Award winning author Sami Lee.

Note: Scenes in this anthology contain adult language and situations, and explicit content. Do That to Me One More Time is not intended for readers under the age of 18. This anthology is a series of individual scenes, and does not include the entire books.

Buy Now on iBooks, Amazon¬†or Kobo. The Nook link is on the way, if that’s where you prefer to shop. Keep an eye out for the link on my page or on social media.

I hope you check out Do That To Me One More Time!


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