So Here’s the Story

My old site was hacked by an online gambling site and I had to redo my entire site (easier than trying to fix what was there), in the space of a week before I went to RT and handed out 2,200 bookmarks with my web address on it. This in the same week that my mother in law was moving into her new place. Hubs was going between helping her and me, and trying to do his regular day job too. Many people would have been lost without him this week, most especially me. But now I think the bulk of the website work is over and I’m onto packing and panicking that I’m going to forget something, that I haven’t budgeted enough money, that I’m spending too much money, that I’ll die in a fiery plane crash on the way, that my kids will miss me and I must be a sucky mum for leaving them, that hubs is going to go mental taking care of them on his own and that I’ll make a fool of myself in front of some important editor because I drank too much tequila and there will go any chance I have to be a NYT bestseller.

You think I’m kidding?

So this is my new site. It’s very white, with only splashes of red, where my old one was very red with a little white. This looks more minimalist. This was a rush job, but I think I actually like the cleanness of this one. It’s also mobile friendly so now it’s easy for everyone to navigate (I hope).

Now I’m going to leave this thing alone and get back to packing. And one day I hope to find time to write again too!


PS I made my own banner in canva. Not too bad, huh?

PPS OMG I don’t know why that search thing is showing at the top of my post. I’m not going to fiddle with it… I’m not going to fiddle with it…

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